• Desired States provide both a range of corporate psychology services and individual psychological services, that aim to promote individual health and wellbeing, and healthy workplaces. Our services include stress management workshops for employees, workshops for managers on mental health and wellbeing at work (i.e. building mental health awareness and providing managers with strategies to support employees, and manage some of the more challenging issues regarding mental health in the workplace), as well as early intervention support services for employees and managers (i.e. where an employee is experiencing a mental health problem). Our range of services include: 

  • Wellbeing workshops for employees; on topics such as stress management, and mental health awareness 
  • Workshops for leaders; on topics such as promoting mental health at work, supporting employees with a mental health problem, and conflict resolution skills. 
  • Coaching for workplace leaders; supporting supervisors and managers to develop strategies, and utilise the best tools and resources in their practice, is critical if we hope to develop supportive and effective leaders in the workplace. Many of these valuable skills may be developed through workshops and mentoring, however tailored one on one coaching can be invaluable in supporting leaders to grow into the best version of themselves
  • ​Careers assessment and counselling; providing support and guidance to individuals who are considering a change in career or who are unable to return to their usual job due to change in functional capacity resulting from an injury or illness. 
  • Coaching and work focused psychological consults for employees; despite organisational training and support, some employees may experience performance difficulties that are complex, hard to understand, or challenging to resolve. Or it may be that there is known a mental health problem the employee is experiencing, and the workplace would like to know more about how to best support that person to stay at work productively. Desired States offer brief, work-focused psychological services that can support both the employee and the workplace; to identify contributors to problems at work, and set suitable goals and a clear action plan, to support recovery and promote improvements in performance. 
  • Workplace based rehabilitation; providing support and guidance to employees, managers, HR, and treating health professionals, with the goal of promoting a sustainable return to work, or improvements in employee wellbeing and productivity at work.